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Amir Moradi – Spesialist i Kjeveortopedi

Works as orthodontist in London and Oslo

Authorization for Orthodontist in Norway and UK (Kjeveortoped specialist)
Authorization for Dentist in Norway and UK (Autorisasjon Tannlege)

Qualifications and Certificates:

– Master of Damon System (Institute of Orthodontics) (Madrid – Spain)

– Master of Invisalign (London – UK)

– Master of Lingual Orthodontics – Incognito (University of Naples Federico II) (Naples – Italy)

– Member of British Orthodontics Society

– UK representative of International Orthodontic Symptom

– Course director for 3M Norway

– International Course director of Master Damon (Madrid, Spain)

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Olga Varfolomeeva

Kjeveortoped Assistent

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Zahra Al Anzy


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Jay Randhawa


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Anton Motovilov


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Navneet Randhawa


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